Writing Feeling

When I was a teenager, I was deep into comic books. I drew my characters, and was pretty good at it. I was into the action of comics. I could draw a devastating strike, but anguish escaped my skill.

When I got older, certain movies captured my interests. The CPR scene in The Abyss, and the ending climax in Se7en moved me. I wanted to move other people like that.

I lost my drawing skills long before I lost most of my sight. Making a living slays your dreams. When I began to write, I had to hone my skills into another art. This time, I think I got down the anguish part.

I can write action. that’s easy for a comic fan. Anguish, heartbreak, wretchedness, and grief are the hard ones.

I’m trying hard to move people with my stories. If you’ve seen Se7en, or The Abyss, you’ll understand how feeling can move you. Oh, I know I’m talking about movies, but The Stand by Stephen King also rocked my world.

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