Working For Yourself Kills You

I had been working in sales for 21 years. Those hours were brutal. 16 hour days were the norm for that vocation. I also used to manage a game store. That was a salary job. Most people think that you’ve made it when you get a salary job. They just don’t know you’ve been drafted into slavery. Salary states that no netter how much or little you work, you get paid the same. You’re thinking freedom by not working as much. The reality is that you get overworked, sometimes you don’t get a day off. You never see that not working as much. They can dangle the carrot well.

I’m working for myself now. I never realized how daunting that excursion could get. And if you’re determined o succeed, your boss can be an asshole 🙂

I guess I became honed for the adversity. I love working for myself. Although my boss is a meany, I think I can handle it.

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