Why am I a Yank in the South?

I grew up in the midwest. I learned English with proper pronunciation. I guess I have a midwest accent.

When you grew up in that demographic, you don’t know that you have an accent. Bostonians don’ realize that they don’t use their Rs as much as everyone else (pahk da cah in da yahd). New Yorkers don’t know they tak like dis, and Upper Peninsula dwellers don’t realize they use you betcha at the end of their sentences don’t cha know?

When I moved down south, people called ma a Yankee because I asked for a sub sandwich instead of a po’ boy, and said you all instead of y’all. They don’t see their accent, but mine glares with brilliance.

Jeff Foxworthy understands the southern accent. He had a new southern word joke where he said the new word was wijadija. Everyone didn’t understand what he meant until he said it in a sentence. “You didn’t bring our truck wijadija?”

This just tells you that everyone that was born in America, and knows English can interpret the language vastly differently. Wisconsonites don’t know what a grinder is, but someone from Philadelphia does.

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