When You Enjoy Your Work, You Never Work a Day

Every friend I have always called me a workaholic. I was in sales most of my life. In order to make money, you had to be available when a customer was ready to buy. That meant that you worked from opening to closing.

I was a commission salesperson, so an hourly wage wasn’t what I did. Most friends thought I was crazy, and stupid not to have an hourly wage. The difference to me was that they slogged through their 8 hour day while I flourished on my 16 hour adventure.

When you work on commission, your knowledge helps your wallet. One hour, you could make zilch while the next you could make $900. Your pay boasted your drive. We never had clocks on the wall because we never watched them.

I was in retail home electronic sales, and Black Friday was our World Cup. It started at 3:30 in the morning, and lasted until 12:oo am. It was an 18 and a half hour gorgon. We called it the Holliday Beast Gauntlet, but when you received  the next week’s check with that $1900 dollar Black Friday  addition, It felt very worth it.

I used to love what I did. On my product knowledge, I didn’t know all that I knew. We call that being an unconscious competent. I had vets of the sales floor try to stump me. It was kind of tough when I knew what a veractor, and a detent tuner was. Don’t worry about what they were. With digital, they’re useless analog relics now.

If you love your job, you never work a day in your life. I used to do 16 hours daily standing on my head, but when I did a 8 hour factory job, the monotony of putting screw A into hole B almost killed me.

We only have a finite time on this planet. Enjoy that time.


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