When I Was Your Age…

I just realized how mature I really am. I never call myself old. That’s like giving up to me.

I was talking about audio equipment with a gentleman more mature than I. We talked about albums, and how warm they sounded. How the amps of the day consisted of tubes, and how McIntosh(tm) was king of the roost.

All the younger generation thinks that MP3s are the best sound. I hate to educate them on the facts, but there’s a reason that albums sound better. I’m not a nerd either! Okay, yes  am.

the full nomenclature of an MP3 is Mpeg-2 Audio Layer III. It is digital audio coded. The format utilizes lossy data compression. The reason it’s called lossy data is because the higher, and lower frequencies that supposedly can’t be heard by the human ear has been lost. You can hear the frequency’s effects on the music. We call it ambient sound. That ambient sound adds warmth, and flavor to the song. Digital music doesn’t have ambiance. That’s what you give up when you compress songs.

I point to an album to show my kids, and they ask me whats that big, black, plastic circle. I tell them that was what we put music on. They think of a CDs size, and think we should be able to put at least 60 full length songs on it. When I tell them it took two albums both sides to play the 23 songs of Pink Floyd’s  The Wall, they have two questions. How can you only put 23 songs on both sides of it when a CD is only a quarter the size, and only uses one side of one disc, and who’s Pink Floyd.

Technology is a beautiful thing, but moves at light speed. We aren’t that mature, and you might be able to get an 8-track tape on Ebay. And I thought a laserdisc was the way to go, and now streaming media is making DVDs obsolete. Don’t blink. Terabyte memory will be like a beta-max  10 years.




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