When I get an Idea

I’ve been watching, and listening to many professional authors tout their master classes. They are telling other potential authors how to not have ‘writer’s block’. How to manufacture a great book..

I haven’t tried non-fiction yet, but I just think it’s a fact check, and personal opinion piece, I write fiction because entertainment is my specialty. Instead of being excited about essays, and dissertations, I was excited about drawing my next panel.

I even had my old best friend get back in touch with me, and when he knew of me being a fiction author, he said it was about time I embraced my calling.

If you’re a fiction author, here’s my advice. To avoid writer’s block, play your blockbuster hit in your own head. If you don’t think it’s an award winner, don’t write that one. If it gets your mind’s accolades, write it. That will give you motivation to write.

Now you have to do research. I never knew of the history of Belize, the running of the bulls origin, After market parts for a Crown Vic, Russian, Spanish, or Maori. I had to learn to mix fact with fiction to make my stories legitimate.

Once you do that, outline your story, and embellish. Make your character’s real by getting a dating site application to fill out, and write what you’d think they would say in certain situations in their own personal vernacular, ergo a thug wouldn’t say “She’s stunningly exquisite”, they’d say “Yo, shawty’s tight!” It makes your characters three dimensional.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WRITE AN ACCENT! I learned that the hard way. Reading should be relaxing, and trying to decipher an accent is work.

I began my real Amazon career in 2014, and I’ve done 12 eBooks since then, an had to rewrite my first book because I knew less than nothing when it came out in 2008. You can see all of my eBooks on my author page.


This is my process of how not to get writer’s block. It’s free advice because, as I said before, I don’t do non-fiction. This may not work for you, but it will work for some. I used to sell so I know the one size fits all myth. Take all advice with a grain of salt.


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