Whatcha Gon’ Do?

Martin Lawrence just confirmed on Conan that Bad Boys 3 is real! Now this hasn’t aired yet, so this is brand spanking new. It should be on tonight.

I’m a Bad Boys fan, and would love to see Marcus Burnett, and Mike Lowrey again doing ‘bad boy’ things.

This is reminiscent of Crocket, and Tubbs, Starsky, and Hutch, and Riggs, and Mertaugh. It’s this generation’s ‘buddy cop’ movie.

Bad Boys 2 was 11 yeas ago, so I never thought they would complete the trilogy, I just hope that it stays consistent With the other 2 stories. You know how much I hate tacked on sequels just to get a paycheck. Please don’t destroy Mike, and Marcus.

I just thought about it as I wrote this. I was personally disappointed with Highlander 2, and The Whole Ten Yards. I just hope that Bad Boys 3 doesn’t disappoint me.

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