What Marvel Can Do For Their Movies

The graphic novel industry has grown legs in the movie industry. It is time for comic book aficionados to rejoice. The kids that mocked me on the bus going to school, and reading my comics are clamoring to see the next Avengers, or Batman movie. I hope those people know the Heimlich Maneuver, because they’re choking on those words.

Marvel has excelled in movies. Oh they didn’t hit the ground running. X-men had one of the best, and worst movie lines within two minutes of each other. When Cyclops wondered if Wolverine was him instead of Mystique, and asked if he was real, and Wolverine said, “You’re a dick”. That line was great, but when Storm asked about what happens to frogs when they get hit by lightning, shocked Frog into the river, and said, “The same that happens to everything else,” was the worst. She should have said, “Tastes like chicken.”

Now Marvel has become a Juggernaut (pun intended) at the box office. Comic book fans already know these stories. We’re just happy to be able to watch them now.

Since Marvel’s foothold is strong in the movie industry now, this is what I think they should do.

The first components to every movie are scripts, and story boards. Aren’t comics already craft-fully scripted storyboards? 50% of the work has already been accomplished, and they come out with hundreds every month!

X-men: Days of Future Past was a comic that started in 1981. The movie came out this year. That’s a 33 year difference. How many stories does Marvel have in their repertoire? Marvel, well the graphic novel industry have stories to waste for the movie industry. They could dive into their stories like Scrooge McDuck(tm) dives into his money.

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