What Is My Genre?

I know that I love to write science fiction, but that isn’t everything that I like. I write fiction. That is a large playground. I write about what I’m interested in. I enjoy crime dramas like Wire in the Blood, and CSI, Law & Order. Spy adventures thrill me like Burn Notice, and 007. Every once in a while I like relationship stories like Coupling.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ready to try a romance book. I’ll let the experts do the fifty shades. Now spy stuff is interesting, but you need to write a complex conundrum to keep the tale riveting. I tried that in a crime mystery, and it almost broke me trying to write something original.

Basically I write what I like, and what makes sense to my readers. The second I step outside of my lines, I fall off the cliff. I do tip toe toe to the touchdown though.

I’ll try anything, but I’m like Prince. I’m not talking talent, I’m talkng creating new things, finding that they aren’t personally ready, and scrapping the idea. Oh, I had a band of female ninjas terrorizing the city, but that idea died in my brain.

I’ve been doing this for months, and it feels like I’m just writing to myself. Sign up to my blog and we can discuss things. Write your name, and email. I can send you a free book so we can talk about my genre. My books are built for my fans so your input is vital. Thanks.

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