Typo Purgatory

I just found out by a magnanimous fellow indie author that my new cover had a typo. I always want my eBooks not to have any discrepencies so I’m having another one done. This cover has a new image, and I think it captures the schisphenic psychosis,

I love the indie author community because of that. We don’t compete, we help.

I was reading a story from a fellow indie, but I couldn’t finish the eBook from the mistakes . It was a great story, I like sci-fi, go figure. The tale was great artistically, but flawed mechanically. I was liking the story, but I had to stop, and tell the author of the mistakes because some literary sticklers would tear apart the author in the review arena.

I told of a great, inexpensive editor because you have to have other eyes in order to find your flaws.  They  were serious about their craft, and not offended. they wanted their creation to shine.

Look at the credits to any movie, and see how many people work on the story. You need other people to help you. King can’t d it all by himself, he has editors, marketing people, and promoers. I dithdn’t even know he had out a new book if i wasn’t for an advertiser.

The new cover should be out by the 7th. Let me know if you like it.

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