This Won’t Happen Overnight

I write fiction books. I’m new at this, and have to find out what works, and what doesn’t work. I am nowhere near knowing everything about being successful. I just write stories.

I think that I’m gifted with story telling, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s just the 10% that you see on the surface. The other 90% under the water is where I have to learn.

Yes I can spell, and if a word is tricky, I know how to use a dictionary (my favorite non-fiction book). My middle school English teacher, Mr. Maher, showed me how exciting stories could be. He’s the reason that I write.

From being in sales, I was comfortable with failure. In sales, having a person tell you no is just another way of saying that you didn’t give enough information about you product for them to say yes.

Writing the book is the easy part. Marketing your book is the demon warrior that you have to have your strategy battleaxe primed to slay.

I’m on Amazon, and that behemoth of a site can publish 1,000 new books a day easily. I’m a good salesman, but I have to have what I call sensory acuity to understand the scope of that site. I just have to study how to work that complex system. It can be a monster, but if you have a Howitzer in your pocket, you can kill that monster. I have my Howitzer. I just need my shells to make people notice my stories.

I’m still studying people. I will make this work.


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