Thick Blood Theory Cover

My new eBook posted today! I need some reviews, I’ll give you an advance copy. You can read it on Kindle, Nook, laptop. home computer, or smartphone.

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  1. This is the first review of Thick Blood Theory: When Conspiracy Means Murder. Let’s keep those 5 stars coming.

    A brand new release from an author, Kyle Robertson, who I read before. One thing about Mr. Robertson, he writes about whatever he pleases, be it Japanese female assassins or sci-fi. This one is a slick, well plotted police procedural, mystery-thriller. And it’s a buddy book with a crusty well-worn police Lt., in the burbs near L.A. and a rookie female cop as his new partner. Lt. Derricks cannot keep a partner and tends to “train” them so hard they quit or get a transfer. In comes Raven, a native American hottie, but one with commendations for her time on the force as a sniper and hostage negotiator, but still a rookie to Derricks. Of course, sparks fly as these two strong personalities collide, and move along toward their ultimate partnership.
    There is a mystery involved and if you can figure it out, you get the Sherlock Award.

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