They’re About To Finish the Bill & Ted Trilogy!

Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan, ans Bill S, Preston are coming with another movie! There last one was a bogus journey in 1991. Keanu Reeves (50), and Alex Winter (49) are going to reprise their roles as Ted (Kranu), and Bill (Alex) in a forty something conclusion to their story. I just wonder how they’re going to do it justice without Rufus (George Carlin, R.I.P.).

They’ve been talking about a sequel ever since 1991. That’s 23 years. Talk about a long gap. They have been kicking around scripts with the original writers, Chris Matheson, and Ed Solomon for a few years, and they finaly let the cat out of the bag, but it’ll be running, and hissing for some time more.

Alex said that the script was funny, so I just hope that it complements the other movies, and makes sense.

I hate sequels that don’t make sense. I mean if there could be only one, how can you have four more movies, and a television series?

It isn’t over. There’s Bladerunner 2 coming, Dumb and Dumber 2, and a Mad Max, and Highlander reboot on the way. I’m just happy they left The Abyss alone. Wow, a 72 year old Rick Deckard, go figure.

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