The Undead Won’t Die!

They just announced that Resident Evil 1 is going to be remastered for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Didn’t I play that in 1996? Talk about reboots. It happens more frequently in movies. Death Race, Psycho, Total Recall, and many other good movies from back in the day.

Has entertainment run out of ideas? I look at all of my fellow colleges in the author industry with amazing ideas, but mass entertainment won’t recognize talent without public notoriety. This is a new age for creators.

If you have the talent, you can get a cult following. Independent mediums are gaining legs now. Amazon, i tunes,  and others. Social media has become a driving force as well.

I’m getting sick of sequels that weren’t planned for the story in games, or movies. I’m tired of reboots. I’ve seen, and played those already. We have to look deeper for our entertainment.

There are 41,000 books published every day. That’s not to say how many music pieces are recorded daily. We haven’t run out of ideas. We’re just comfortable with what we know. How many Friday the 13th movies are there now? I hear that they are rebooting that one as well. Food for thought.

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