The Misadventures of Kanye West

I used to entertain. I was a pretty good rapper. The reason people liked me was because I respected them. If they are paying to witness your talent, they should be appreciated.

Kanye West is a different type of entertainer.

Mind you, I like some of his music, and used to rock Gold Digger(tm), but Kanye on the outside of his music, in my opinion, has become a narcissist.

He made Mike Meyers feel very uncomfortable on live television by saying that Bush didn’t care about black people in the midst of the Katrina disaster. He embarrassed Taylor Swift by taking her trophy on stage, and now during his concert in Sydney Australia, he stopped his concert to yell at a person in a wheelchair for not standing up.

How arrogant can you get? He’s acquired an amazing music career. He has become a huge celebrity icon, and married Kim Kardashian. That’s the entertainment trifecta. Why bite the hand that feeds you? I guess self proclaimed Jesus might have deeper issues.

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