The Hemoglobin Conspiracy Theory Excerpt

This one will be out very soon. This is a crime drama about murder. Detective Derricks has to break in a new detective that will become his partner. This is a chapter of his shenanigans. If you enjoy this excerpt, sign up at the bottom to become a reviewer.


Hemoglobin Conspiracy Theory Charter 5


Derricks drove deeper into the city while Raven just waited to see where they were going. He was driving to a diner that was on his old beat, Chadwick’s.
When Derricks was just a beat cop, Jeffery Chadwick was one of the patrons that he protected. Before he had patrolled that area there were many robberies, and all Jeff had done was file the repot, and never retrieved anything. It was just paperwork for the police saying that they did patrol the area that they were supposed to.
Derricks was different. He didn’t just fill out paperwork, he found, and arrested the culprits. Jeff got back all of his pilfered items. He was more grateful for Derricks who took his job more seriously than just being the observe and report security guards the other police had become that he had given Derricks free meals period. Even when Derricks was transferred to the suburbs, and didn’t walk his area anymore, the free order still stood.
Derricks thought that he had made out like a bandit in the offer to protect Jeff for free food. He just didn’t know how much Jeff had lost before it was his assignment. In Jeff’s mind, he’s the one that really made out.
“This is a good place to shove a burger down your throat,” he said to Raven as they parked in the lot.
“I usually eat healthier than a burger,” she said as they got out. “There’s a health food place about a mile from here, but I guess that was just information that you didn’t need.”
“We’re on patrol, Raven. We eat what’s close to us, and bean sprouts, veggies or not. You’ll love Jeff’s burgers,” he said as he walked to the diner.
The diner was packed with hungry patrons. Derricks had seen that Jeff was doing very well without that gang shakedown protection cronies trashing his place anymore. He guessed that when you arrested some of the intimidators, and they felt how cold and rigid the bars were, they didn’t want that experience again. They got in line.
Derricks pressed a button on his keychain, and feigned exasperation.
“Damn, I forgot my reports in the car, and I wanted to finish them while I ate! Could you get them for me? They’re in the center console. I’ll keep our place in line. My door’s open.”
Raven acknowledged, and went out to the car. Jeff had seen Derricks, and said hi.
“You want the usual?”
“I gotta partner, Jeff. Make it two.”
“Oh, that lady, I see.”
As Jeff went into the kitchen to prepare their meals, Derricks looked out the window to see if his hazing would go off well. When he pressed that button on his keychain, he activated Officer Brouchard. He was a big cop that fought in the MMA circuit. He had all types mixed martial arts under his belt, and Derricks thought that he could rattle Reven when he put her in a hold.
Raven was very unsuspecting of an attack. She just wanted to get Derricks’ report, and finish lunch. She went to his car door, and found that it was locked.
He must have inadvertently tapped his keyless, she thought, and went to her side, but her door was locked as well.
“Gimme yer money, bitch!”
Raven was surprised at the command that she had heard from behind her. She turned to see a large man holding a pistol to her!
“Turn around, and gimme yer money, bitch! I’m not playin’ witchu!” the man yelled.
Raven tuned back around, and raised her hands.
“You really don’t want to do this.”
The man advanced closer to her back, and put his gun to her spine.
“I do whatevah I want, ya skinny bitch! Now gimme ya money!” He was getting more aggressive.
Raven had had enough of this belligerent idiot, and dropped to sweep his legs. As Brouchard began to fall, Raven grabbed his gun, and followed his forehead to the ground with it.
“The reason that you didn’t want to do this was that I’m a police officer. A well trained police officer! Get up, idiot!”
She stood with his gun on him, and slammed him over the car. She began reciting his Maranda rights to him.
As she began to put her cuffs on him, Derricks realized how wrong his hazing had gone, and ran out of the diner.
“Stand down, Raven! Don’t arrest him, he’s a cop!”
She grabbed his other arm, wrenched it behind his back, and began to finish cuffing him.
“If he’s police, then why did he have a loaded gun to my back?!”
“It’s not loaded! Brouchard was just trying to scare you!” Derricks yelled.
“He’s right lady! I would never load a gun when I’m just tryin’ ta scare somebody!” Brouchard yelled at her.
She turned to Derricks with her hand still between Brouchard’s shoulder blades.
“You read my file like you were studying for a Raven exam! You know my record, and what I could do! Why would you try to scare me when you know that I could hold my own?!”
She stepped away from Brouchard as Derricks took out his keys, and started to un-cuff Brouchard.
“That file was paper Raven. Anybody could doctor paper. I’ve never seen you take down a perp, and Rick here fight on the MMA circuit. I read that you could hold your own. I just want to see if you could hold your own! I got it from here. Just talk to Jeff, and he’ll give you our food.”
“Those burgers better be good,” she said with aggravation, turned, and went into the diner.
Derricks was taking off Brouchard’s cuffs, and said, “Remind me never to bet on you again. You just got your ass kicked by a girl.”
“You didn’t tell me that you had Cynthia Rothrock for a partner this morning. I wasn’t ready,” Brouchard said.
“I thought you trained for any surprise. She swept you, and took your gun. You were on the ground with your own muzzle to your head in seconds.”
“Leave her alone Derricks. She bested me so she’ll crucify you,” he said.
“I never deviate from my process, you know that. If she wants to be my partner, she has to run the gauntlet.”
“If you don’t deviate from your hallowed process, she gonna hurt your feelings. She put me on the ground with ease, and I could kick your decrepit ass all over this city. She’s good, leave her alone,” Brouchard said.
“I’m on page one of my haze for rookies. She’s passing so far, but she has a long way to go.” He released Brouchard.
Brouchard got up, and took his gun. As he began to leave, he turned to Derricks.
“That’s it! No more favors Grandpa!”
“I don’t need any more favors from a guy that just got his ass kicked by a girl anyway!” Derricks yelled back, and walked into the diner.
Raven was sitting with their meals at a booth. Derricks walked over, and tossed her cuffs on the table.
“You did good back there, kid. He’s an MMA champion. How’s that burger?”
Raven was still incredibly peeved with him, and answered very terse.
“Where did you learn that take down technique?”
Raven was getting very irritated with him. And she put her fingers to her ear.
“I’m sorry. I guess I couldn’t hear you say I’m sorry!”
Derricks had never had a trainee yell at him before, and decided that it was time to lay down the law.
“Look rookie, that was training, and I do not apologize for training! You were transferred here to train under me!”
“I’m a rookie detective, but a veteran police officer! I was sent here because Relin wanted me to learn from an exceptional detective! Show me some exceptionalism!
“I’m a very exceptional cop, and when we get a real case you’ll see that!” He stood.
She accompanied his standing, and yelled, “You’re an officer, not a damned cop! Get with the times!”
“You get with the times Miss Proper! We call everybody with a badge a cop around here!”
“The word ‘cop’ was used by criminals in England during the eighteen hundreds. We use police officer now Old man!”
That barb stung Drerricks. She was an uppity kid that thought that she knew everything, and was never in any real police work. Who did she think she was?!
“Go ahead, do it! I know you want to call me a bitch!”
“Why would I want to give you a complement?!”
They both became silent, and heard the shocked quiet of the diner. They were lunch’s main event.
When Raven saw everyone looking at them, she reverted back to her cordialness.
“I think you need to finish your burger, and we should really leave.”
Derricks wrapped his burger, swigged his soda, and began to take the refuse to a container.
“I’ll eat it on the way. Let’s get outa here.”
Raven understood her brashness towards him. She also understood that she was the trainee, and that yelling at her teacher didn’t help. Derricks just brought that out in her. Most men either ignored, or tried to objectify her. Derricks treated her like the trainee she was. It was unnecessary in her eyes, but she had to respect his non chauvinism in this aspct.
As they were walking out of the diner. Jeff was behind the counter.
“Sorry about that explosion Jeff. It’ll never happen again.” Derricks apologized.
“Hey, not a problem buddy. Without your explosion, lunch would be boring. Come through whenever, and explode.”
Raven whispered in his ear, “It was easy for you to say sorry to Jeff. I felt like I was pulling teeth, and didn’t get the molar.”
“It was easy to say sorry to Jeff, he’s a friend.”

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