The Damsel in Distress Paradigm

I usually write books where there’s equal opportunity for all genders. If a man gets trapped, a woman will save him, and vice versa. I think that it rounds out the story. My characters are capable of emancipating the other character. I don’t want to portray a man’s strength by displaying a woman’s weakness.

My Air Force Lieutenant Jayde Farrow wasn’t a damsel in distress. She used her dexterity, and mind throughout her adventure. That whole save the princess motif has been used since Greek mythology, and I think readers are getting tired of it.

Women aren’t weak. They have babies. A man probably couldn’t handle that unimaginable pain, and unconditionally love what comes out. Women are rock hard troopers.

They contribute to your entertainment, and not in the help me mister way. Katniss can shoot an arrow, and Ripley can torch some aliens. I think that women need the lime light now. Princess Peach was last generation. There’s a new Samus in town.

I’m going to keep trying to portray women as strong protagonists, not the damsel in distress.


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