The Book Isn’t The Movie

When I was in middle school, my English teacher, Mr. Maher, gave us a book report. He told us to read the book, and tell about it. A lot of kids thought that they would watch a movie based on a book, and get off easy. Mr. Maher was smarter than the average bear. This wasn’t his first class.

He told everyone to read a book, because the movi version of Jaws was radically different in the final act, and he would know. All of those kids had to work for a good grade.

There are many movies based off of books. That is where most of your visual entertainment came from. Ender’s Game, Bladerunner, Lawnmower Man, and The English Patient all came from page turners.

Some movies are inspired by the book. hat means that the movie isn’t verbatim to the literary tale.

Maximum Overdrive was inspired by a Stephen King short story called Trucks. The Running Man, Apt Pupil,  and Lawnmower Man had the same names, but were entirely different.

Running Man, the book, was based on a totalitarian society, not a game show. The book’s tale went way deeper. The Lawnmower Man was the polar opposite. That movie was way deeper than the book. I think that you need to read Different Seasons by Stephen King. It has three tales out of four that became movies.

Shawshank Redemption came from it, so did Stand By Me, and Apt Pupil. They were all good tales, and so was The Green Mile, and The Mist.

Just read a couple books. You would already know the entire Hunger Games story if you turned a few pages. Imagination is cheaper than CGI. Ask Peter Jackson.

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