The Asperger’s Adventure: The Quest for the Cure That Went Wrong

Stanley Arness is a meticulous scientist with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He worked for years to alleviate it from his body. His first public test was on death row inmates. Everything injected int them was cured, but there was a very rare, devastating side effect. . You lost awareness permanently. Stanley wouldn’t take a correction with even a mnute chance of lost cognizance, so he went back to work.

Gerreg Rosen, a rich, selfish man had terminal lung cancer, and found out about Stanley’s cure from one of his correctional officer plants. He had cars, houses, and investment portfolios, but that would do him no good in the afterlife. He wanted Stanley’s cure.

He hired a hit man to acquire the cure, but he was thwarted by an NSA agent. Gerreg wen to the big leagues to get a legendary Samoan cleaner to get the cure.

This is the harrowing chase to take Stanley’s correction by the legendary cleaner. Narin Campbell, the NSA agent went to get a Maori warrior to battle the legend. Who will win this epic battle for Stanley’s correction?



The Aspergers Adventure
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