The Asperger’s Adventure Excerpt

This is a clip of The Asperger’s Adventure: The Quest for a Cure That Went Wrong.

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The Asperger’s Adventure excerpt

Alika was looking for Kalautia. He just couldn’t go far. Stanley wasn’t his main priority, however, Alika was veracious in his duty. Brad was new to this kind of pressure situation.
“Do you think she’ll get past Narin, Alika?” he asked.
“If Narin is lucky, she already has,” Alika said with foreboding.
“They’re about a hundred agents in this building, and about sixty soldiers. Could she get through them?” Brad asked.
“Kalautia is a legendary assassin. She knows how to avoid opposition. They are probably looking where she has been already. Kalautia takes insurmountable odds out of the equation,” Alika said.
Just then, Kalautia proved Alika’s assumptions correct by dropping from the air shaft into the laboratory!
Stanley jumped from the crash of the grate, and ran to a corner. Kalautia advanced towards him, except Alika blocked her progress.
“You will not complete your purifying, Viper!” Alika yelled.
“Alika, I thought we would be in a different environment when we clashed, but such is life,” Kalautia said.
“No, Kalautia, I believe such will be your death!” Alika yelled, and lunged at Kalautia!
As Alika swung his knife, Kalautia blocked it, and hit him in the side. Alika didn’t feel the blow. He just kicked at her legs for a sweep, but striking her leg was like punting a Sequoia. Kalautia didn’t budge. Alika straight kicked her in the stomach to knock her away. With the thrust of the kick, it didn’t knock Kalautia away. It pushed Alika across the floor. It felt as if he pushed off a brick wall. He rolled away from her, and sat in amazement. Samoans were solid!
Kalautia was just getting started. She cartwheeled to Alika, and landed an elbow in his chest! Alika winced at the impact, but begrudgingly took the blow. He quickly scurried away from Kalautia, and received a surprising slash on his left arm! Kalautia still held her knives in her hands!
As Alika’s bloody sweat dripped to the floor, Brad was frozen in shock. He heard of her legend. He just never witnessed it firsthand.
“I guess the tales about you are true,” Alika said.
“I never have to promote myself. Victim’s families do that all by themselves,” she said.
It was true, legends never boasted, wanabe’s did.
“That just means you’ll give me a challenge. I haven’t sparred since I got here. I need a good work out,” Alika said, as he went after her again.
It looked like heavy sparks were falling from a welder when their knives clashed! Each strike from either of them was blocked. They didn’t slow down their relentless barrage. Both hands from either of them continued the clangs.
Stanley escaped into his own private mental club. He analyzed outside of the blistering carnage.
“With the intensity of their fight, and their human physique, their bodies will deplete within four minutes of course,” Stanley rattled off an inconsequential hypothesis.
Brad was amazed at Stanley’s disconnect, and went to him.
“Do you understand this is a battle of two warriors to the death?!” Brad eminently asked.
“Unless something arbitrary occurs, of course these throes will be to expiration,” Stanley said.
Kalautia swung at Alika, and missed. Alika did an avoidance spin, and struck her in her elbow, dislocating it!
Kalautia jumped back, except she didn’t drop her knife from the pain! Warriors were trained to ignore anything debilitating in a fight. She grabbed her forearm, and reset it quickly to stay in defense! She blocked two devastating blows from Alika, and countered with a slash to his side, and a thrust kick to Alika’s pelvis. Alika hit the ground. Kalautia finally had her opportunity to end her antagonist. As she poised to behead him, Narin came storming through the door!
“Git away fr-rom him, mur-rder-ress!” he yelled with his gun aimed at Kalautia’s back!
Kalautia turned to see Narin pointing his gun at her. She was legendary, but she wasn’t bulletproof. Hopefully, that Kevlex was effective.
It was a tense stalemate. Kalautia wanted to complete her mission, however, Narin wouldn’t let that happen. She knew her window of opportunity had closed. It had to wait for another day.
“Diney move, diney even br-rethe, or-r I’ll plug ye!” Narin exclaimed.
Narin was very convincing about his actions, but Kalautia didn’t listen.
Kalautia quickly turned to her original entry point. Narin fired, and hit her in the shoulder! The pain was ignored, and Kalautia, swiftly, jumped into the air shaft! Narin was so amazed by a large Samoan’s cat like abil-ity, his firing was remiss.
Tatiana ran behind Narin, and saw Kalautia jump in the vent! She began firing at the vent, and snapped Narin’s marvel. He accompanied her firing! They riddled the vent with bullets, and hoped they got her.
After the barrage of fire, the only sound was the dissipating rings of the air shaft from their bullets.
“Git a chair-r, Tat. I have te check dat vent,” Narin said.
Tatiana took a chair from a desk, and sat it under the bullet riddled vent. Narin hopped up on it, and looked through the grate opening. He got down off the chair.
“Out ‘o all that lead, we missed her-r,” Narin said.
“We missed her?! What, no blood trail?!” Tatiana asked.
“Even wit’ de bullet wound I put in her-r shoulder-r, no blood tr-race,” Narin said. “We have te inter-rcept her-r at de entr-rance, let’s go!”
“You will not find her,” Alika interrupted Narin’s advance. “She infiltrated the most secure building in the nation. She’ll expect you to anticipate her actions. The reason she is so good is because she is never where you expect her to be.”
“I can attest to that,” Brad chimed in.” We’ve known where she was for years, but even with Ranger teams, be could never find her. She’s gone like a fart in a wind tunnel, Narin.”
“Do not worry. Her mission is not complete yet. She will come again. I will finish this at that time,” Alika said.
Stanley walked to Brad. “My hypothesis was accurate, something arbitrary happened.”

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