I just promoted Spark of Dawn: The Assassin’s Vindication, and I think that there were many people out there that aren’t apprehensive anymore about my stories. Yes, I’m a green author, and am in no way a master at my craft, however, I think that my stories are entertaining.

I have others in my author library that are just as exciting so if you like this Japanese underworld forbidden love chase adventure, I have alien invasions, God’s harbinger, military adventure, Autism inflicted scientist, and a private investigator’s extraterrestrial journal. There will be crime drama mysteries, and even an ethereal ride into a mind damaged with schizophrenia. Oh yeah, I forgot about my serial killer, and a Czechoslovakian woman with a mysterious gift. They’re coming.

If you’ve enjoyed Spark of Dawn, please write an honest review on Amazon. I’ve been spraining my brain trying to acquire reviews. Those things help me a lot. People won’t even try your eBook without positive reviews. Unless it’s free (hint), they won’t take a chance on your story without 3rd party affirmation.

Again fiction readers, thank you for taking the chance on me. I hope that I won’t disappoint you.

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