Thanks for Picking up my eBook

Over 300 people downloaded my eBook A Hunter’s Blood. I hope you enjoyed it. I know many of you just downloaded it because it was free, and added to your Amazon library, but you may have inadvertently downloaded a Sci-Fi jewel. Read the prologue at least, and see if it doesn’t draw you in.

For those avid reader junkies. If you liked it, please write a review for it. Amazon customers don’t seem to purchase the adventure without like readers praising the story. I’ve been doing this for about a year, and I know.

I am just asking you to write a review for A Hunter’s Blood. I made it easy by putting the link at the end of the eBook. Just click it, and type a couple lines. That’s all it needs. You don’t have to be Shakespeare with it. I’m the writer, that’s my job. I even got a two word review once. “Great book”. It was a 5 star review, but only two words. Look up Asperger’s Adventure. (shameless plug )

I like reading my reviews. Electronic manuscripts are easier to change than a printed one, and it costs less. I do listen. I want to make my tales enjoyable for you.

Again, thank you for your past and future help.


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