Stallone Sold His Dog

I just read an inspiring story on Facebook about Sylvester Stallone before he became a mega star.

Before he got an opportunity to star in the iconic movie he wrote, Rocky, he was dangerously  financially desolate. He was homeless, and had to sleep for three days in the subway station. He took his wife’s jewelry to sell so he could get something to eat. His last straw for survival was to go to a liquor store to sell his dog to anyone who would take it. He couldn’t feed man’s best friend anymore. He sold his friend for $25, and left the store crying.

Then he was inspired by a Mohamed Ali fight he saw, and  wrote Rocky. A movie company offered him $125,000 for the script, but he had one caveat. He had to star in his own movie.

The movie company refused because he was a nobody. They felt that they needed star power. That was the deal breaker, so he went elsewhere.

He went to a few movie companies to sell his script. One company went as far as offering to purchase the script for $350,000 as long as he wasn’t the star. He refused. You could never put a price on a person’s dream.

The company finally acquiesced by purchasing the script for $35,000 with him being the star. He captured his dream. The rest is history. The first thing he did was wait at that liquor store for three days to buy back his dog. He saw the man he sold his dog to, and offered $100 to buy it back, but the man refused. He ended up paying $15,000 for his dog he sold for $25, but he got him back.

The picture won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing at the prestigious Oscar(tm) awards.

This just tells me that my mantra is veracious. I always say that your dreams don’t have an expiration date.


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