Spark of Dawn Excerpt

This is a sneak peak of Spark of Dawn. Call it a preview of all the excitement that Yoake Hibana has to go through. Please enjoy

Spark of Dawn excerpt

Yoake knew the race was on. She slammed the extra bugs in her nap sack, started the screws in the grate, and backed into the air vent.
That took longer than she expected. Tagai walked to the building, opened the door, and climbed the stairs to his office.
He sat down, and opened his bag of shrimp kow. That was the hiccup. Tagai didn’t dine in, he ordered out!
Yoake thought she had more time. She, unfortunately, had to adjust her intent.
She quietly pulled out her Electra-Magnetic screwdriver. It could fasten screws from the other side. She knew the exercise was difficult, but now she had to do it in silence.
The room was as she left it–unscathed. The only problem were the screws sticking out of the grate.
“Are you out? Talk to me,” Tagawa whispered in her ear.
Damn! Shut up, Tagawa! Tagai can hear a mouse pee on a cotton ball, on the Moon! She thought, as she swiftly clicked off the two-way radio.
This was when her stealth training was put into overdrive. She had to tighten the grate, and literally not be there. She began fastening the screws. The top left was quick, if you can call fifteen minutes quick.
She had problems with the lower right screw. In her haste, she cross threaded it, and the screw lodged itself in its hole. She quietly unscrewed it. Tagai was almost finished with his kow, and the crunch from the chow mein noodles wouldn’t mask her proficiency for long.
She backed out the screw. It was lodged at the tip, so she had to back it out all the way. Her next task was to re-seat, and re-screw it. Slitting a prime minister’s throat in a crowd was easier.
Tagai was finished with his meal. He tossed his refuse in the receptacle, and got comfortable in his chair.
The delusion of the crunch was nonexistent. She froze with the screw at its farthest point. It was about to drop on the hardwood floor. The sound of metal clanging on wood, would alert Tagai to her infiltration.
That was when chance granted her a reprieve. Tagai popped a DVD in the computer. A seventies kung-fu flick resumed on the screen. It was in the middle of a fight. That kicking, and punching masked her stealth. She allowed the screw to drop to the floor. Tagai didn’t notice the clang. He was too busy watching Sheng Fu take his wrist knives from his shoes.
The Shaw Brothers are my saviors, she thought as she silently fastened the last two screws.
She calmly, noiselessly, backed down the air shaft. No creeks, or pings. Her heart was pumping like a piston. If you were to assess her, her body was in utter chaos. It looked stressed enough to go into arrest in seconds.
That was where her training came into play. On the outside, she was as cool as a cucumber. She learned to control her stress. Women never let you know what they were really feeling anyway. It was contributed to years of training, and eons of evolution.
She moved out of the vent, and to the back door whose lock she picked. You didn’t have to crack a safe to evaluate, and eliminate your target. No one hid in a wall safe.
She passed through the door, secured it, and casually walked to a panicked Tagawa.
“I thought he caught you!” Tagawa exclaimed with alarm.
“Rule one, when it comes to infiltration. Shut the hell up!” Yoake felt she had to educate him on his faux pas. “Let’s get outa here. We can bicker when we’re not standing next to the building where the people that want to kill us reside.”
Tagawa nodded in agreement, so they vacated the premises.

I hope you enjoyed that snippet

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