Some Reviewers Can Be Mean

I started off trying to share my warped imagination. I think that I have a talent. My friend Tony told me that I described a movie way better than what he actually saw at the theater. I guess that when I’m interested in a tale, I put my favorable twist on it.

That was one of the main reasons I braved the treacherous waters of book writing. Since I had experienced what the drill sergeants called shock treatment in basic training, I felt that my hide was tough. A reviewer can’t physically eat you, but psychologically, they get full off of chewing on your dreams.

Reviewers are definitely critics. They criticize your work, and many of them don’t know of the toil, and trouble you have to go through to make your story plausible.

I have had many reviewers burn me down with their opinion. A lot went over the mechanics of the story instead of the story. I am no where near a King, a Koontz, or a Sparks, and they don’t take that into account.

Don’t get me wrong. Many reviewers are very magnanimous with their reviews, and give constructive criticism. Those reviewers told me that I went a little overboard on a character’s French accent in one of my stories so now I know not to do that anymore.        Constructive criticism works to make me better. Burning me down to be satisfied with yourself doesn’t.

I’m always a work in progress. I never will say that I’m great. I let my fans tell that to me. Accolades feel so much better receiving, than touting them. I will always say that I’m okay.




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