Salute to the Workers

America has a holiday to recognize all of the laboring people of the country. It’s called Labor Day. It happens the first Monday of September, and that’s today.

Labor Day was promoted by the Central Labor Union, and the Knights of Labor. Their first parade was in New York City directly after the Haymarket Massacre, wich began in Chicago on May 4, 1886. President Grover Cleveland didn’t want the holiday so close to the massacre fearing that  people would commemorate that travesty, so he moved it to the first Monday in September. That’s the history lesson, here’s the salute.

This is to everyone that actually works to make the economy exist. I salute you. This is especially for all the retail workers that oxymoronically work on Labor Day.

I used to work in sales. The businesses realized that Labor Day was a sweet opportunity to gain sales from everybody that was off for Labor Day. All of my friends were bar-b-quing while I was working. At least I had off for Christmas, but New Years Day (my birthday, by he way) was a work day. I feel every retail workers pain.

Granted I made money on those days, but for a Target(tm) or Best Buy(tm) worker, it was just a day where you worked while your friends played with their family at the park.

I salute all the workers, but retail laborers, I give a special salute to.


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