Please Follow My Blog Twitter!

This worked so well last time that I’m sending it out again. Thanks Twitter!

I’m trying to build a list of followers to my blog. I’ve been doing this since August 2014, and have received minimal feedback from everybody. It almost feels like I’m just blogging to myself to get out my demons.

I have been on Twitter for about a year, and I have a good amount of followers, however, that’s on Twitter. I can’t do certain things on Twitter–that’s just social media.

Over in Play In My Imagination land, I can promote e-books, show excerpts, talk writing tech, and current nerdy events. I like it here in Play In My Imagination land.

I’m just asking because I’m getting lonely over here. Please give me your input. I write these things for you, and need people to tell me whem I fall off the rails. You get a free e-book in the process. Thank you.


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