Plagiarism Speculations

I just saw Radio Free Albemuth. It was an interesting sci-fi story. I haven’t read the story because Phillip has a plethora of them. I read a review on it a few months ago, and it said that was where the Wachowskis took the Matrix storyline from. I saw both movies, and the only thing similar to me was that they were both science fiction. In RFA, the main character, Nicholas Brady, was being guided by a celestial entity, while Neo was becoming The One. I couldn’t take LSD to find the similarity of the two.

I understand the George Lucas’ Star Wars taking loosely from Frank Herbert’s Dune, but it still isn’t plagiarism.

Many artists are influenced by their elder professionals. All I can say is that maybe Star Wars wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Dune, or The Matrix without Radio Free Albemuth. They aren’t plagiarized.

Phil Collins’ Sussudio, and Prince’s 1999 were very similar, but Phil had permission. You probably didn’t even know they were similar, but just listen to the riffs.

Phillip K. Dick influenced me as well as Frank Miller, George Orwell, Peirs Anthony Arthur C. Clarke, Masamune Shiro, and Hayao Miyazaki. If it wasn’t for them, Terror on Arrival wouldn’t exist, but influence is in no way plagiarism.


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