Oculus Update

I just watched Oculus(tm) over the Labor Day weekend. I heard that it was the scariest movie in decades. When I looked at the sleeve, I thought it was pg13. Imagine my surprise when I saw rated R.

When I saw 1982’s The Thing, the gore didn’t disturb me as much as the premise of the movie. Having an alien entity take over your body’s involuntary functions, and replace you exactly was scary to me. The supernatural was just another word in a text book having the same scare as Casper The Friendly Ghost(tm).

The actors were great mind you. They worked well with the material. It was just the material. It was an odd story in the style of an R.L. Stine book. Just don’t hype it as the great horror fest of the 21st century when, clearly, it wasn’t.

My mind must be muddled with more disturbing demons than they can show a a movie. t could be hereditary. My mother laughed through The Exorcist(tm).

My review is that it was an interesting, ethereal story, but it didn’t shock me.

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