My Writing Process

When I was in high school, I was lazy. I hated math, and chemistry. Avogadro’s rule still haunts me. My teachers had always told my parents that I was intelligent, but I lacked effort.

That was high school. I was too busy looking at girls to wonder about the Pythagorean theorem. I was a science nut though.

One day my science teacher, Mr. Murphy, saw that I was not paying attention in class, and told me if I knew so much abut black holes, that maybe I could teach the class. I shocked him by saying, “Don’t mind if I do!”

I knew all the theories of a black hole, so he took my dare, and let me take over the class. He was trying to embarrass me, but ended up learning more that he taught. He came up to me after class, and asked how I knew all of that. It was books.

There was no Facebook, or Wikipedia on the ’80s. We had to learn stick. The teens are learning on automatic at this point. My encyclopedia set was on a rack in the living room, not on my laptop.

The reason hat I wrote all of that is the main reason I write the way I do. My stories are movies in my mind. I just report them. Mr. Murphy gave me the confidence to tel what I knew. That was a powerful feeling to know that you could share your knowledge about what’s in your mind, and when I create, I’m the only source.

My books are never a complete story at the beginning. They are just ideas, or questions. When I write, I’m on the same ride you’re on. I haven’t read the book I’m creating yet. Kind of paradoxical, huh.

I enjoy the movies in my mind. I just hope I can report them well enough so you can enjoy them as well.




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