My Music Influences My Writing

I always have people ask me how I come up with those crazy ideas. I usually have an idea in my head, but it’s normally just a question. When I write, I have to stretch my answer into a story.

I’m of the cinema generation. Certain Icons like John Williams have made certain bad guys menacing with music. You don’t even have to see Darth Vader, or Jaws to feel their presence. That was done to us with a few notes.

When I write my tales, I listen to all types of music. When I’m at a dark part of my story, I listen to Trent Reznor. When I write a tense part, I listen to Metallica, or Sevendust. When there’s a heart felt part, Esthero, Kate Havnevik, Roisin Murphy, Angela Winbush, Sade Adu, or Bjork does the trick. I listen to almost everything. Throw in some Peter Gabriel, and Basement Jaxx, then you’ve scratched the surface.

You need a driving beat, or an elegant sonata to set your mood for writing. I like imagining my stories as a movie. Movies have soundtracks, so I want my books to have my own personal soundtrack. I hope that when you read my stories, Korn, Steely Dan, Glitch Mob, or Prince is playing on your personal soundtrack.

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