My Motivations

I am a fiction writer. Stephen King, George Orwell, and Phillip Kindred Dick are givens, but I have many influences.

Ani DiFranco’s first production album came out in 1990. It’s 2014 now, and she has 18 production, studio albums out now. That’s not including the 21 live albums, and the 3 EPs. I won’t even go into her poetry. Talk about a relentless, creative work ethic. She’s an influence.

Frank Miller is another. The Dark Knight Returns changed my view on Batman(tm) for good. I had that ’60s show impregnated in my mind. He made Bruce iconic, and think about Sin City the comic, and the movie. How many people felt like kicking Persian ass in slow motion when they saw 300? Frank’s been in comics way longer than he has been in movies. Daredevil, Ronin, Spider Man, and many more. Again, amazing work ethic.

Michael Moorcock, Piers Anthony, Michelangelo, Prince Rodgers Nelson, Robin Williams, and many more.

All of these people have accomplished amazing things. I even read Steven Hawking to harness my science. He’s the penultimate professor aside from the creator.

My influences range from Aristotle to Nicholas Sparks. They motivate me. I just want to do my heroes proud.

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