My Library Is Growing

I have more than three books. They’re not production ready yet. Those are things that you cannot do by yourself. You need professional editors to tighten up your tale. Even if you’re an English major, you could miss blatant errors.

You have to get good editors that you are comfortable with. If you don’t think they can emulate your voice, you need another one.

I remember writing The Final Option, and I wrote that the electric grill emitted a mesquite smell. An editor pointed out to me that you wouldn’t put mesquite briquettes in an electric grill. They do more than correct your spelling.

I have three e-books on Amazon right now, but I have six more waiting in th wings just waiting for an excellent edit. Spark of Dawn: The Assassin’s Vindication is being processed right now. I have another sci-fi, two detective, and two medical mnd benders. I know I said six, so I’m writing a thriller, psychological, romance, ethereal drama.

My library will get larger. This is what I do now. When you work for yourself, your work has a beautiful relentlessness to it.


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