My Forewords are Ineffectual

When I spoke with my publisher, he told me that whatever I wrote outside of my story didn’t make a difference to anyone. They just wanted the meat, not the garnish. I guess this is why I made this blog. To give my outside opinion aside from the story.

I never wanted to be an Andy Warhol, or a Prince. I want people to understand my process while writing. The ups and downs of creation. Fiction aint easy.

I’ve said it many times before in my forewords, but according to my publisher, no one read those opinions or ideas. Voila, here comes the blog.

I guess this will be my ultimate foreword, preamble, and prologue of my stories. The author overture if you will

My take on fiction writing is that it’s as hard as writing non-fiction. The mechanics are just slightly different.

A fiction writer references many non-fiction mediums to fabricate a legitimate story. Writing your art is like balancing a marble on a marble. Especially making e-books. There are hawks on-line just waiting to burn you down for being inaccurate. They aren’t critics on your art, they’re just fact checkers wanting to make you feel stupid. Some people don’t have anything better to do than try to embarrass a stranger. A writer has to take that into account. You have to make your story believable or nobody will allow their suspension of disbelief. I know that statement was quantum on a paradoxical scale, but I think that you understand.

I mix my fiction with fact. That way a person won’t try to parse the tale. If the salad is tossed well, they just eat the whole thing.

I work hard on my factual items so my fiction is seamless. If I’m inaccurate, call me on it. But do it here. Don’t burn me down on-line. I want to be better, and embarrassing me doesn’t help. Pobody’s nerfect 🙂


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