My First Book

When I first began in writing books, I was very naive. I knew nothing about the business, and was literally a babe in the woods. I had dreams of being the nex Stephen King. Yes, I was foolish. I bet there’s about a thousand or so writers with the same dream.

I just thought that if I wrote my one book, people would just clamor over it. That it would be my opus. That it would be my end all. I wasn’t a writer. I just wanted to tell my story.

After my decision of my profession came to fruition, me not being a writr became glaringly apparent. I had so many grammar mistakes, and typos in my first tale, I was happy that nobody bought it. I wouldn’t be able to live down he incompetence.

That was in 2008. After all of my training with professional writers, and impregnating myself in the novelist field, I think my first book is plausible now.

I’m still going through the production phase of A Hunter’s Blood: The Crimson Contracts, but this time, I need some reviews. It may not be the same name, but it will be similar.

The first book I wrote was rated R in movie terms, so you might not want to give it as a present to your kids. If you alright with letting the watch Sinister(tm), they could read the book.

It’s coming out soon, and if you would like to review it, just sign up, and I’ll send it to you. Thanks in advance.

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