My Books Are Built For Entertainment

I just had a reviewer write to me to tell me of the harrowing mire he’s in right now with his wife, and that it would take longer to read, and review my book. He actually apologized to me!

I understand more than anybody knows that life is a random succubus, and can throw you adversity at a whim.

All of that positive thinking is created to correct your attitude. When medical gremlins overpower you, that’s reality.

My books are meant for leisure escape. They were never meant to be a priority. When you can relax, and life gives you a reprieve from real adversity, let your mind run wild. If there’s a medical problem, deal with that problem.

I never want to be pompous by saying that my books can cure physical problems. That’s a shysters job. You can’t watch Iron man to heal your broken leg. Sometimes, time is the mender.

Just remember, enjoy my books when you have the time, however, enjoy m books. Hey, I was in sales for 21 years, I can’t help it.

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