Mental Illness Opinion

The first thing that I want to say is rest in peace Robin Williams. The man was an entertainment juggernaut. He ranged from comedy to dramatic roles. He made me laugh on Mrs. Doubtfire, and made me tear on What Dreams May Come.

I just saw a press conference that stated he was found with a belt around his neck in a semi-erect sitting position, with superficial cuts on his left wrist. They are speculating suicide.  The aren’t confirming it yet, because they haven’t finished their investigation yet, but if it looks like a duck, and quacks lke a duck…

How can a genius take his own life? He not only deprived himself, he deprived His fans. That’s not normal. Then I realized that it really wasn’t normal.

Robin Williams, the icon who made us laugh for years, suffered from severe depression.

Many people don’t think depression is a disease. That it isn’t a mental disability. They’re a galaxy away from the truth. Depression is usually felt over a period of time based on hopelessness, and inadequacy. Robin hid it well with his comedy, but he made us laugh at his pain.

A genius is never content with themselves. We marvel at their skills, but they always think that they could do better. That’s the perfect ingredient for hopeless inadequacy.

Everyone is shocked at his death. I’m immensely saddened, but I understand.

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