Lesson Learned

I just got another review of Terror on Arrival: An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel, and that person liked the story, however, they couldn’t stand the French accent.

When I create things, I’m afflicted with perfectionist syndrome. I always think that my creations would be marred if I don’t go overboard with certain aspects. I went overboard with the French accent.

Many reviewers told that to me. They said trying to read it slowed down the pacing of the story, and hindered the flow.

Sometimes writing can be its own lottery, and this time, I picked the wrong numbers. Never again. I don’t want to impede my art by shooting it with the perfection sniper shot.

My next books won’t have that in them. I have one story with an individual that has a Scottish accent, but it has been refined so you can read it. I’m still writing that one, so it should be available next year.

Like the title of this post says, I’ve learned my lesson.

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