Lauren Bacall Had Her Final Curtain

Lauren Bacall, born Betty Jean Perske, passed away Tuesday, August 12th 2014. She lived an amazing, and long life. She died at 89 in New York.

Lauren did great movies with her first husband Humphrey Bogart. She was silver screen royalty. She had an incredible sultry voice, and what Hollywood called “The Look”.

I’m about to date myself. If you haven’t seen her, she was Marcia Sindell in the movie Misery. For the younger, She played Ma Ginger in Dogville with Nocole Kidman.

I just hope that nobody forgets her. Robin Williams died two days earlier. Who remembers when Farrah Fawcett  died? Wasn’t it the same day that Michael Jackson died? His Propofol overdose over shadowed her cancer. Robin’s suicide could over shadow Lauren’s  stroke.

I know that current popularity played a major part in the notoriety of each individuals passing, but Lauren was a silver screen icon. Don’t forget her.


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