I’m Jumping to a New Genre

I’ve been doing sciece fiction for my first four books. I love the medium, Issac Asmov, George Orwell, Phillip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, I’ve enjoyed all of them. Science fiction was my primary thing.

I’ve read, and watched many things. Different styles of subjects pique my interests. I have enjoyed buddy cop stories, underworld adventures, hilarious comedy anecdotes, and horror tales.

Stephen King, and Dean R. Koontz are in my lists for readable authrs. Movies don’t do it for me, page turners do.

I guess that I’m getting bold (stupid might be the proper word), but I’m attempting horror.

I’m not talking about voodoo, or the ocult. I’m going disturbed. What would be more scarier? A Gorgon demon Medusa, or your slightly off neighbor?

All I’m saying is that Se7en(tm) freaked me out more than Phantasm(tm).

Time to turn the page, and hope that my skills are adequate. I hope to see you on the other side with a scary book.






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