I’m in a Dark Place

So I started something new. I’m trying to write a horror book. When you write something, you want to live in the moment of your book’s situation. I’m not talking of particulars of your story. I’m talking mood. Call me a method writer.

I just received a letter from my Russian girlfriend yesterday. She told me that since the Atlantic separated us, and their relations with America was getting cold once more that she couldn’t write me anymore. My name isn’t John, but I was her dear at that time.

I can’t blame her. Distance, and politics damaged the relationship before it began. Such is life. I got into the state of writing a good book trom that surprising disaster. Oh, I was angry, but I simmered, and used my anger positively.

There will be another mate, and hopefully in my city instead of a different time zone. Now I have to switch my dedication.



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