I Thought I Had it Nailed

I was just reading the reviews of The Asperger’s Adventure, and realized that that my accent writing isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

I was trying to add a bit of character to one of my people in the story by making thei Englsh with a bit of a European type accent. This one was Scottish. I tried that with French in my first book, and people wrote that it was annoying. So I tried again with less of the accent, but I guess I went overboard again.

I tried it twice, and I’m smart enough to know that if it won’t work, don’t try it again so if someone is Russian or Jamaican, I’ll let the reader imagine their accents because doing all the work to study accents and tr to simulate thm is fruitless.

I’m vowing right now on my blog, never again.

My stories are good. It’s just that annoying accent thing that I’ve stopped. I just have to remember how an actor’s horribl accent can take you out of a compelling tale, and cold turkey shouldn’t be a problem.

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