I Think That I know Enough to be Dangerous

When I began my writing, I was very raw. My friends told me that I  told good stories, and was able to pick things up quickly. I kept pegging all off the M. Night Shyamalan twists in his movies before the third act.

I thought I was good, but I didn’t know the mechanics of writing. I’ve studied, and know the process now.

Gather your materials You can’t write a story without any writing tools You can tell incredible stories, but without a pen, pad, a word processor, or a computer witout a writing program on it, you become the modern day bard.

Write a draft Your first draft should be rough. It is meant for you, and you alone. Mess up, you’re supposed to. Don’t show your friends your first draft. Your pals can be harsh, and scrutinize all the typos instead of ingesting your story. Wait until the second draft when you reread it, and fix your grammar mistakes. Then they can tell you if you’e going in the right direction.

Read it out loud Recite your tale in the mirror to yourself. Sometimes things look good on paper to you, but when you read it, your pacing could be a problem. Don’t be apprehensive about reading what you have written. If you don’t like t, who will?

Don’t plagiarize  This should go without saying. If your talent is writing, don’t mar that talent by writing you version of Lord of the Rings with alternate names for the characters. Even if you have thought up a way to thwart the copying paradigm, it has been done before. Use that time to create something new. 41,000 books are published every day. Make an orginal diamond, and give it your own special shine.

I have the mechanics of writing. I just need to  elongate my stories without making them boring. How many times have you read over the same paragraph more than once because your mind wondered? A writer that cares about the craaft never wants you to fall out of the story because it was over descriptive, and boring. Creating something new, exciting, and different isn’t an easy thing. I hope to step somewhere near Phillip K. Dick, or George Orwell. Have imagination, will travel.

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