I Really Appreciate All of You

I always want a little recognition for all of the work that I do with my stories. I never wanted to do a contract where you had to write a certain amount of books in a deadline to have it. Yes you can make more money that way, but your art would suffer under a deadline, and you would make drivel just to honor your contract.

I’m an artist, and you can’t be creative under a deadline. I write a decent amount of books, but they aren’t forced.

I just read one of the many reviews from my fans, and it affected me. Somebody actually appreciated my story, and I think that I made another fan. That’s the reason to entertain.

Here’s the review of The Platinum Retriever: The Story of Earths Unexpected Savior. I liked it, and I hope that others read it from this review.

Platinum Retriever Review

First of all honesty dictates to tell you that Kyle invited me to read this book , this said the book still deserves the 5 stars I gave it, It is a science fiction take on classic hardboiled cynical private investigators like Philipe Marlowe . The story develops with three main characters in their fight with the ultimate mankind obliterating villain. I do not want to give away much of the storyline but I can tell you that I read the story with much delight. This is one of those books you regret having finished it, that make you wish for more of the same . Daedalus , the main character and private eye is one of those types you would want for a real life friend . So in closing I want to thank Kyle Robertson for pushing himself on my reading plate and i will certainly read his other books and i hope so will you
ps: at the end Kyle puts an afterword about the novel and his take on life and learning his private philosophy alone was worth reading the book.

If you want to pick it up, it’s $2.99 at Amazon.


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