I need an ARC Team

I just finished my new book. When I post it on Amazon, I want to hit the ground running. Many new eBooks post with no fanfare. Those are the new books sent to die in the self-publishing jungle. I don’t want my book to be stillborn when it posts.

An ARC team stands for individuals who receive an advance review copy of the book before it posts to read and review when it comes out. Kind of like a movie review before the movie comes out. I give you the pdf FREE. The only cost will be your review. There’s no influence ib anyway. If you like it, tell about it. If you don’t, tell about it as well. The reason for a review is for my feedback. It makes me a better author.

The book is called I’m Not Him: The Mistaken Identity Alien Kidnapping Romance. Here’s a chapter and the cover. If you think you would like the free pdf. email me and I’ll send it to you. Good until Oct 31, 2017.


INH Chao2

Thanks, Kyle

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