I Lost a Chapter!

I have no idea where it went. I know that it was there a couple of months ago, but as I was editing the book, chapter five was non-existant!

Now I normally save everything on my computer, and on my email, but this time the chapter just went to literary heaven.

I’m just happy that I could recall the gist of the chapter. I don’t have an eidetic memory, but I can recall.

And I thought that I was set for a day of marketing, and finding keywords to make my stories more appealing. I’m buys rewriting a chapter fo today. I just hope that this was the only one to go to word limbo.

I guess I’m not that irritated now. I’ve learned way more literal things than I knew when I first wrote it. Oh, don’t get it twisted. My level of pisstivity was paramount when I discovered its absence, but now I’m just going to make this story better than it once was. Wish me luck!

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