I guess Jack Is Dull

I’ve been working feverishly on by blog, and book sales. Marketing isn’t easy. I don’t care how many authors tell you that they have the answer to you becoming a best seller. Their plan may not work for you.

My mother plays the lottery all the time. Talk about waisting your money. My pragmatic philosophy is this. Drop a tear in the ocean, wait a minute, then retrieve that same tear. You have a better chance of reclaiming that same tear than your numbers coming up in the lottery. She says that she doesn’t have an imagination, but she’s a dreamer.

What I do gives me a better chance at financial success. It isn’t easy, however, it is possible.

I’m learning new things every day. All those things aren’t in order, or has a certain priority. I have to cherry pick, and get good at one of those things. That whole Jack of all trades, master of none scenario doesn’t work here.

All of those things that I have learned as great, but I can’t do them all. I’m on webinars, I’m learning from best selling authors, I created this blog, and trying to gain followers. It’s beginning to work. I even got an interview.

All these things take time. Also, since I write stories, I have to research things constantly. It’s tough making you fabrications sound legitimate. If you don’t believe the story, why would you continue reading?

To sum it up, I work like it helps with my breathing. I don’t go out to the movies, or to clubs. Parks get in the way of my self employment. I told you last time. My boss is an ass.

I love to do those things, but I’ve been there, and done that already. My work is my play, and I’m not dull dammit! It takes a long time to record a hit song, but about three and a half minutes to listen to it. How long has the movie you’ve been wanting to see been in development? That’s me, in development.

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