I Don’t do Drugs

Since I’m a fiction writer. many people ask what I’m on to create all those crazy stories. I’m not the one to use any substance to alter my mind. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. I’m not a paladin. When I was younger I did indulge. I tried some of those things. They just didn’t appeal to me. All except cigarettes.

I was in the military in Germany. The Germans could make beer. We had Hofbrau, and it was the beer that bit back. I tasted it, but I didn’t get drunk. I got sick. I couldn’t hold my liquor in a rubber sack, so I didn’t take up drinking.

Cigarets caught me though. I wasn’t a 3 pack a day guy. I was lucky to be able to finish a pack in a week. Just quitting was the insidious demon I had to battle. Now I don’t smoke.

I never tred anything heavy. If smoking was hell to quit, I could never be strong enough to quit crack. If I need to get high, my imagination is my China White.

There are many artists that use drugs to expand their minds. It could be a benefit to their observers, but a deah sentence to the user.

Phillip Kindred Dick was an excellent science fiction author. He expanded his mind with drugs. Jimmy Hendricks, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, died of a barbituates overdose. Janis Joplin died of a heroine overdose, as well as Phillip Seymore Hoffman.

Those were very special people. Unfortunately, their crutch overtook them. I won’t go out like that.

Now I’m not saying that my talent is as great as those individuals. I just pump my talent with imagination. I’ve seen what the alternative is, and I choose not to indulge. Knowing me, drugs and alcohol may make my stories lacking life, and excitement 😀

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