How to Complete a Story

I was writing to a colleague about finishing stories, and just realized that sometimes it can be tough for some.

Have you ever started like a house of fire, but that fire was put out before that house burned down completely? Some people run ot of ideas.

I’m not speaking about not finishing your story because you lost motivation. If that was the case, why do you write anyway? This might not be your ideal vocation. This is a mechanical problem.

You’re supposed to write with feeling. Fiction writers want to share their ideas, and non fiction writers want to teach what they know. That’s the motivating feeling you get to finish.

Do me a favor. Start watching a movie that you really want to see, and when there’s only 15 minutes left, cut it off.  You never get to see the ending. Irritating, isn’t it?

That should be the same feeling you get when you write. Just finish your movie. You already paid for your ticket by taking the time to write what you have so far. Don’t cheat yourself. I always want to see how my movie ends.

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