How to Become Immortal

Everybody’s looking for immortality. I guess they are frightened of becoming old, unimportant, and dying. That dying part is unfortunately an inevitability.

From the moment of conception, we are on a countdown clock in the physical existence realm. We’re going to die way before we know what death is. I know that sounds morbid, however, it is voracious.

That’s the physical realm. You should be happy that your corpse will nurture the planet, because Earth lives longer than you do to the nth degree.

Life has a process that ends with death. The people in New Orleans celebrate your finality with a jazz funeral. They didn’t start the tradition. It originated in Europe, and Africa. They just knew that your process was complete.

You can do nothing about the physical, but you can do something about your legacy.

When did King Lionidas die? When did Abraham Lincoln, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni leave this existence? You may not know off the top of your head, but you know of their accomplishments. These people are spiritually immortal. You can do something about your spirit. Just don’t do a Stalin, or Hitler.

I’m working on my immortality right now. It won’t be world changing, but Robin Williams, Vincent Price, Orson Wells, and Phillip K, Dick are still alive in spirit. I already know that George Lucas, Stephen King, and Steven Spielberg are on the path to immortality.

You have no control over the physical. You can control your spirit, and with my tales, I want to live forever.

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